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loyalty  restyled.

StylePoints is a social loyalty programme that will forever change how users interact with digital content. It's "Facebook meets Loyaltyā€¯.

With display advertising click-thru rates at
< 0.02%, media publishers need to offer advertisers a better way to engage with their users. 

Rewards and a platform for social interaction with other users that "share your style" are what StylePoints provides as incentives for unknown users to engage.

Users can also now easily find relevant content from our publishing partners that matches their style on their personal StylePages and StyleFeed.

Publishers and Advertisers also benefit, as StylePoints provides a way to identify and target individual users based on their Style profiles.

We have a partnership in place with Aimia, the owners & operators of Nectar, which provides the expertise, resources and scale required to be successful.

Come be part of loyalty restyled. 

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